New Top 6 Best Offline MOBA Games for Android Phones

New Top 6 Best Offline MOBA Games for Android Phones – One of the most fascinating and the most famous entertainment is Games. Currently, there are many kinds of games, like RPG games, war games to adventure games. But, the MOBA game is seemingly the most booming game compared with other game genres.

So if you love playing offline MOBA games in your device, here are the lists of the Top 6 Best offline MOBA games that are no longer available on the Play Store.

Top 6 Best Offline MOBA Games for Android Phones

heroes strike


Heroes Strike Offline Moba is an epic and dynamic game for your Android devices. Pick your character from a huge number, since they are unique in appearance and in the available abilities. And afterward, it’s an ideal opportunity to go to one of the colorful and animated areas, where you will meet the adversary group. Battles will take place 4v4!


Legendary Heroes MOBA Offline – The war has started, become the best legend who saved the entire world! Rapidly join the most remarkable players, combine powers and defeat evil. There are many characters accessible in the game, which have 4 remarkable abilities.

Fight back against your foes! Attack the towers, level up, and become strong! Exhibit your strength as you travel through the enchanted world and destroy beasts.


The gameplay of FLAME vs BLAZE quickly separates itself from other MOBAs. The game elements a single path map, no minion waves, and no towers. Flame vs Blaze’s defining idea of “laning” is effectively non-existent. Rather than a center or base, each group has a Reactor, which is fundamentally a huge watchman beast. The Reactor begins as an egg, and each groups’ underlying objective is to gather mana to assist with reinforcing their Reactor.


This Light vs Shadow was developed by Electronic Soul, It’s a MOBA offline game, you don’t need an internet to play. Light vs shadow offering some marvelous anime style, additionally brings a progression of remarkable game mode and different highlights to the table, adding a hint of innovation to this subgenre. There are in excess of 20 distinctive manga heroes and 7+ fairies!


In Moba of Freedom, we can buy health potions, scrolls, and items. Unlike in light vs shadow, we just need to level up faster to become stronger, but here we need to buy and build good items. It also has side creeps and bosses, so we can farm and increase our gold quickly.


Steam World is an offline MOBA game for android devices. They only have 7 heroes so far, the game mode is 5v5 MOBA, yet with an interesting mobile twist, the map is slightly smaller. The good thing about this MOBA game is there are a lot of items to choose from, including dota 2 items, and league of legends items are here as well.

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