Top 5 Best Offline Horror Games for Mobile Phones

Top 5 Best Offline Horror Games for Mobile Phones

Top 5 Best Offline Horror Games for Mobile Phones – It tends to be difficult to track down horror games for your Android phones, yet we have done all the difficult work for you by hand-picking the absolute most terrifying games. These horror games give you an extraordinary terrifying experience on your Mobile devices! So, here are the lists of the top 5 best horror games for mobile phones….

Top 5 Best Offline Horror Games for Mobile Phones


The School White Day – an interesting horror project in which players will partake in incredible suspense and immersion in what’s going on the territory of an apparently ordinary school. The establishment with the beginning of darkness goes under the control of evil spirits, beasts, and any other creatures. This is the start of an undertaking of an adventure full of deadly dangers.

The School: White Day offers best-in-class 3D graphics, a strong storyline, and profound immersion, stuffed into a magnificent horror game.


Very Little Nightmares is a mobile puzzle game delivered by Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco. This is a standout amongst other storyboard puzzle games. The plot of the game is loaded with entrancing components, secrets, and similarly chilly, unpleasant. When playing this game, you will get the experience together with a young lady on the excursion to discover the way home.

Little Nightmares, you should confront numerous cruel and startling adversaries. They will be lurking around you and need to bring you passing rapidly. They will take the necessary steps to get you and annihilate you.


Oxenfree is an extraordinary thrill ride about a gathering of companions who accidentally open a spooky crack. Play as Alex, a brilliant, insubordinate youngster who brings her new stepbrother Jonas to an overnight party on an old military island. In Oxenfree, things are not simply present. The entire game is like a film, with a future, a memory, and a dream.

The game’s structure and design are very unique that makes this game different from other genres. The game’s sound helps with enhancing the entire story, making the story seriously captivating and engaging for players. In addition, the game’s background sound is likewise extraordinary, each location, and each action going with the ideal music for every particular circumstance.


Bendy and the Ink Machine are set in a wooden house. This house has been deserted for quite a while. Your main goal is to find this secret. To play this game is very simple, just control characters to investigate each spot in the house from books to various rooms. The game has a ton of levels. In the previously cut of each stage, there is a heading to inform the player what is expected to find in this level. Everything about needed just as each thing adds to your tracking down the correct approach. Accordingly, it will take a long time to track down a fundamental thing.


The story of the game happens in the future, and a failed biological experiment and bring to place a plague infection disease that swept the world. The majority of people and animals are tainted with zombies and beasts, and a couple of survivors are precarious. Furthermore, you, as a once-prepared super-fighter, need to be equivalent to standard survivors, in the long run, become zombie food, or get the weapons in your grasp and defend human pride!

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