Savant Ascent Anniversary Edition announced for iOS and Android

Savant Ascent Anniversary Edition
In honor of Savant: Ascent’s 10th anniversary, D-Pad Studio has released the Savant: Ascent Anniversary Edition, an updated and improved version of the original game.
This summer, it will be made available for purchase on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC via Steam, iOS, and Android.

All about Savant Ascent Anniversary Edition

Ascend to greater heights in this fully remastered edition of Savant – Ascent! Includes brand new content, stages, bosses, and an entire original soundtrack by music artist Savant.

The Philosopher’s Stone is running amok, and in the chaos, has cast the Alchemist down from his tower. Savant – Ascent is a spin on the twin-stick shooter genre, forcing you to use your limited movement strategically. Use quick & precise dodges and jumps to overcome waves of enemies and blast them away with powerful magic as you fight your way up the tower, and face everything that awaits within.

The Savant – Ascent Anniversary Edition is a complete remaster of the original award winning title that launched in 2013. New features include:

Improved visuals to the entire game.
Entirely new levels.
Brand new bosses to fight.
New abilites & spectacular moves!
Completely remade cutscenes.

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