Raging Bytes, a brand new game centered zombie RPG, opens up pre-registrations for Mobile users

Developer KEMCO, a brand new of the box new story-driven versatile zombie RPG is opening up pre-registrations for interested gamers. Raging Bytes is a 2D pixel-craftsmanship styled retro role playing experience that gets back to the works of art like Last Dream or even the old Phantasy Star games. You can see this both in the craftsmanship style as well as the customary turn-based battle, making for a fascinating interpretation of a very notable type. Zombie games are plentiful, both inside portable game markets sectors as well as pretty much different media.

What makes Seething Bytes so intriguing is the manner in which it moves what is normally a strategy game kind or a FPS genre into a traditional JRPG-styled experience with a heavy spotlight on the story as opposed to gathering plunder and firearms to cut down additional crowds of the undead.

KEMCO is likewise focusing on the past, taking a great deal from old-school zombie flicks from unbelievable directors like Romero explicitly. It’s not precisely wasting time with the plot, however there are a lot of clear references that make it clear Raging Bytes knows precisely exact thing it’s doing. If every one of this sounds brilliant to you, you can advance beyond the bend and affirm that interest by pre-registering for the game.


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