Garena Fantasy Town: Farm Sim Review

garena fantasy town review

Garena Fantasy Town: Farm Sim Review

Garena Fantasy Town: Farm Sim Review – Garena Fantasy Town is a farming simulator made by the people behind FreeFire and Call of Duty Mobile. This is the main farming simulation game for Garena. The game is a free-to-play title with some in-app purchases. It is accessible on both Android and iOS. The game was first delivered in a couple of chosen areas and preparing for a worldwide launch in 2022. The game will be publishing by gamigo and Arumgames while Garena will distribute the game in Asia.

A horde of trolls has attacked the town. It is the master’s obligation to defend the residents of the town from evil trolls and build the town and farm back to its greatness. The game appears as though a farming simulator yet after some time the game acquires a few extraordinary attributes to it. Players can find different places across the game from old mines to supernatural woodlands. These places contain exceptional rewards which can be utilized for stepping up and upgrading the town.


Aside from farming, constructing, and defending the town players can also combine with different players. Players can frame organizations which work basically the same as the group framework from Clash of Clans. They can also strike incredible beasts with their guildmates. Players can also visit other players’ towns and help them out too. There are minigames in which players can contend with one another.

There are different minigames from snakes to intersection which players can play. Players can visit with anybody involving the World chat also. Players can modify their character anyway they need. The delightful blocky art style praises well with the in-game cosmetics.


The objective of the players is to collect harvests to fulfill the needs of the residents and sell the yields for leveling up. There are an assortment of harvests that players can buy. Basically, the players are given wheat which they have to harvest.


Garena Fantasy town is one of the most incredibly complete farming simulations out there. There are a lot of yields and animals to farm. These items can be utilized to make various commodities. There is a shop where players can sell their reap for in-game cash.

The guild system is great, particularly the legendary beast attacks. The game generally has something to do, unlike to other comparable games in this genre. The minigames in the game are really amusing to play while waiting that builds will get upgraded. The game’s graphics and the art style are truly exhilarating. Although inspired by the blocky style of Minecraft, it performs really well for this game.

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