Top 5 Best Offline Adventure Games for Mobile Devices

Top 5 Best Offline Adventure Games for Mobile Devices – New to the adventure game genre? There’s a lot to choose from, so we’re here to help! We’ll find a good offline adventure games for mobile devices, fun adventures games, just overall top rated off line adventure games for Mobile! These are the lists of the top 5 Best Offline Adventure games on mobile devices, with NO internet required.

Top 5 Best Offline Adventure Games for Mobile Devices


Investigate the islands of Uncharted Seas, a world loaded up with numerous risks, riddles, and privileged insights. Battle beasts, figure out how to utilize wizardry, and find old fortunes which will help you on your journey. Utilize every one of your brains and expertise to unwind the secrets of the antiquated realm Arcadia and ocean beast Oceanhorn.

The hero of this game is a kid. At some point, when he awakens, he understands that his dad has vanished and passed on him with a jewelry and instructions to go find a master so he can show him and tell him about secretive stories. As a matter of fact, his dad doesn’t vanish. Before, his wife had been eaten by the ocean beast Oceanhorn and he was determined to look into the beast. Whenever the opportunity arrived, he set off to kill the ocean beast, not allowing it to hurt anyone.


Pascals Wager is an action game with the style of dim fantasy, the world is covered by dark mist. Individuals there become neurotic, and no one knows the mysteries behind that. Players can play different characters to encounter a solid storyline and uncover different secret spaces of the guide.

Pascal’s Wager is about Colossus, the divine beings who carry light to everyone. As indicated by legend, they seemed when the sun vanished, carrying everlasting darkness to the whole realm. Colossus emits light, clears the Mist of the Night and leads individuals to track down the place that is known for light. To endure by in the realm of darkness, people should follow the Colossus. Consequently, they are known as The Walking Gods.


Battle monsters and make companions among the agreeable occupants of the city. Reestablish your dad’s studio and become a gifted expert who will help individuals of Portia to create and flourish. The game combines components of a day-to-day simulator and an RPG in which you can investigate a huge open world. Where you and the main character should reconstruct a studio and start their own creation. Take part in get-togethers, search for various assets, just run a little ranch on the homestead.

My Time at Portia additionally has scenes about cultivating. However, this in the game isn’t the primary thing, the main thing is handcrafting and adventure. So it contains sowing seeds, watering plants and harvesting right away. Also, obviously, to do these things, you should manually make a series of farm tools like pots, digger, scoop…


Monster Hunter Stories brings players first; that is a cutscene that players will feel totally adored and impressed. They discovered an egg with a totally extraordinary. It was a unique egg that hatched into a dragon named King of Skies. So, the three chose to take it back to the town and give it a name. Yet, things go poorly with a dragon appearance with a dark aura named Nargacuga. The story starts when they go on an experience in the woods and attempt to go to a Wyvern nest. Players then set out on a journey to turn into a powerful fighter with another fortress.

Monster Hunter Stories allows you to change your Hunter and owns a RPG based battle . You can hatch and make friend with beasts, battle with them and numerous other new activities. The fights in the game happen in a turn-based, in which you and your beasts will together go after the foe. You have all the great weapons to use and change in fight!


Brothers: a Tale of two Sons is a fascinating and peculiar story-parable with components of an adventure puzzle. The game conveys important thoughts regarding general values. The project touches like courage, dedication, and care for friends and family. It was created by Starbreeze Studios, which has proactively made a few splendid and unique tasks of another generation with a philosophical background.

To accomplish the objective, the legends should get through numerous trials, beat every one of the risks and figure out a couple of basic truths. They should figure out how to help each other in all circumstances. The siblings take off from the house and hit the road. To begin with, they need to ride the demise train. A shocking train travels through an unbelievable world, strange views float past the windows. Whenever the express stops, one of the travelers goes to Valhalla.

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