Top 5 Best Mobile Games with Controller Support in 2023

Top 5 Best Mobile Games with Controller Support in 2023 –In spite of the way that mobile games are getting more famous than previously, a few players actually track down that gaming on a more modest screen, at times, probably won’t be the most ideal decision. Furthermore, we are here to give you an answer!

GameSir X3 Type-C, a hybrid of a regulator and a cooler, is extraordinarily worked for an extreme mobile gaming experience by delivering a controller and cooler experience all the while. It can convey up to a 24°C drop on the mobile phones skin temperature while giving supportive of level controller play.

In this article, we suggest five amazing mobile games suitable with GameSir for you to play!

Top 5 Best Mobile Games with Controller Support in 2023



Asphalt 9: Legends includes a top roster of genuine hypercars for you to drive that is unlike that found in any other game, from prestigious vehicle manufacturers like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and W Motors. You’re allowed to pick the fantasy vehicle you want and race across fantastic areas against rival speed machines all over the planet. Raise a ruckus around town track and pass on your cutoff points in the residue to turn into a Legend of the Track!

Extraordinary console level graphics and an astounding soundtrack behind the scenes, in addition to the controller support and have yourself an amazing game that plays incredible even with the most highest graphics on high end devices. This is an amazing game, great Full HD graphics, natural controls, controller support and one hyped up soundtrack playing behind the scenes make for a superb gaming experience.



It’s unique game, and will make even the coldest of hearts to feel emotional. DONTNOD made a brilliant game and has proven that their little group can make an astounding, delightful, genuine game. Back in 2013, DONTNOD, the game developer from France had delivered an exceptional cyberpunk style action game. The game is called Remember Me, and I suggest you go experience it. I wouldn’t discuss different works a lot here.

Whenever I first played this game was on Steam. Then, at that point, I tracked down the game delivered a mobile variant, and it took me 10 hours to finish the game. This game has taken me through the incredible excursion of Max Caulfield and Chloe Price. For the people who love interactive story games, this is a game you can’t miss. In any case, in the event that you requested that I say precisely exact thing’s the big deal about it, it would be difficult for me to make sense of how extraordinary it is without spoilers.

Life Is Strange is a five section episodic game that decides to revolutionize story-based choice and result games by permitting the player to rewind time and affect the past, present, and future.



This is basically the mobile adaptation of destiny and perhaps the best game I have ever try on mobile devices. You can modify your gender, apperance and so forth there are beyond what 100 equiments you can purchase/sell/grind from vendors,mission,arena and duegons. The designs still great better than most mobile games thinking about this game was delivered a long time back.

Clearly, customization choices in SHADOWGUN LEGENDS are endless, from weapon to defensive layer piece and battle ability to control style. In like manner, GameSir X3 Type-C features limitless customization with numerous exchangeable parts from ABXY buttons to D-cushion and thumbstick to thumbstick cap so gamers can tailor it to their own playstyle in various games and play at their best.


A famous game on Steam and Epic is Ark Survival Evolved, which was likewise delivered on versatile. The game is a survival game set in dinosaurs and primitive times, based on a sandbox genre like to minecraft. Obviously, for players who have played Minecraft, the UI is very comparative. You can see it.
The tale of the game is somewhat solid. The story continues in the request for Island – Scorched Earth – Aeration – Extinction – Genesis, and explorer notes all through the map.



There is the best far comprehensive top high quality mobile game you can play on the mobile terminal. It is likewise the hardest to get battle royale game on the mobile. It requires incredible extraordinary hardware. The enhancement of the portable is clearly insufficient. It is nearly ported straightforwardly from different stages.

On mobile, Fortnite is a similar 100-player PvP game you know from PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac. Same map, same gameplay, same weekly updates. Construct your fort as you fight to be the last survivor. Jump in and crew up with companions all over the planet or in a similar room! This game is powered by Unreal Engine 5.

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